A Bad Hair Cut

am an eight year old girl in my Christmas holiday, my name is Mary Aquilina. I would like to tell you a story. It started with a hot summer day well over forty degrees. I lifted my head off my pillow with an extraordinarily pounding headache. With a sigh I put my head back on my pillow. I could still hear the fan ticking as it span around. Finally I had the courage to get out of my bed. I then felt really dizzy so I sat down on the chair. Just then I saw the time, it was seven thirty I quickly jumped of the chair and changed into my favourite clothes.

I rushed down stairs and realised that everyone had already started eating. For breakfast everyone was eating toast that smelt beautiful. I was really hungry and the smell was making it worse.

After breakfast my Mum had to take my Dad to work in town. While my parents were away I thought about going in my room but unfortunately it was too hot. So I went into the back room. The back room is a dark cool big room with a comfortable chocolate brown sofa. Aah I sighed as I sat down on extra soft sofa. For a while I sat in silence thinking about the extreme heat then I thought about how it could be cooler in these long, boring, hot days. Suddenly I had it, a bright shiny excellent idea! Alright alright, maybe it wasn’t the best idea but I did have something. No, it wasn’t getting a pool, but a hair cut might help, even better a bob cut! Yes I had it all set but I wasn’t sure what I would look like afterwards …..

The minute my mum came through the door I ran straight toward her, then she was looking down at me as I was on the floor. I had slipped over some toys .My two younger brothers had just finished plying with them. In pain I called Mummmmmmmmm. Mum looked down and immediately knelt down and helped me up. I was fine but I did have a leg that was going to bruise up!

When Mum helped me up and I was settled on a chair I asked my Mum, Mum do you know how to cut my hair? Mum replied, what kind of hair cut? A bob cut with a twinkle in my eye, well sure she said. When would you like it? Today hopefully.

Before long my Mum sat me down with a towel around my neck and went to get the scissors. I will never forget the scissors cutting through my hair because there would be a reward on the other side .As soon as she finished I ran as fast as I could to the mirror. It was a wonderful hair cut and everyone agreed at school people commented how nice I looked and I was a lot cooler as well.


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