Kate's Interesting Day

BOOM! One day a little girl woke up from her wondrous dream and thought to herself, ‘I reckon this is going to be an interesting day.’ Kate got up, went to the kitchen and asked, “Why is the sugar, ice cream, strawberries, bananas and maple syrup out?” Her mum said, “Because I love you.” Kate smiled and started to put the sugar, ice cream, strawberries, bananas and maple syrup on her pancakes.
Later on Kate asked her mum if she could go to the zoo. Her mum said, “Let’s go shopping first.” So Kate packed the car and her mum grabbed her hand bag, car keys and purse and they hopped in the car. They went to DFO where everyone shops. Kate and her mum walked through the doors. They went straight to pumpkin patch where she got her new shoes, top, pants, headband, lip gloss, earrings and her necklace. She said to her mum, “Can we go now?”
Her mum said, “Alright” and then they went to the zoo. As soon as they went through the doors Kate said, “Can we go and see the seals and can you please ask if I can go swimming with them?” “No, I can’t do that” “Ok then I am going home.” “No you can’t” said mum, “because you can’t drive!” “Fine I can walk.” “But when you get home I am not going to make tea for you.” “Don’t worry I might not come home.” “Fine!”
When Kate got home she said sorry to her mum then she went to bed. NOW THAT’S AN INTERESTING DAY.



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