I love B.M.X. It’s so fun,
It’s the best sport I’ve ever done.
Nathan helps me round the track,
From the front to the very back.
Jersey, helmet, gloves and all,
The amount of money isn’t small.
You can hurt yourself really bad,
Even if you’re a mum or dad.
The gate is new, 90 degrees,
Look out, watch out for those trees.
Get lined up in number of eight,
Wait for the starter to let down the gate.
Now it’s your turn,
Up the jumps and round the berm.
You’ve finished the race,
And you’re in first place.
Now the time has finally come,
Everyone cheers for you, you’ve just won.
All the people start to pack-up and go,
But I don’t want to go, not yet, no.



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