Oh Pink Dragon

There was a young girl,
Sitting upon a rock,
Crying her sadness away.
She heard a thud,
She looked up,
Only to see a bright pink dragon.

The girl said pushing her slick blond away,
“Why is it you come, Oh bright pink dragon?”
The dragon blew smoke, and said politely,
“No reason is why, but you maybe the one,
That shall sit upon me,
And I shall carry you away to the happiest land on earth!”

The girl wiped the tears away,
And said,
“Is that all you won’t,
To be ridden!” The dragon nodded,
And blew a large cloud of smoke.

She asked the as it walked to her side,
“What is thus name, Oh bright pink dragon?”
She placed her hand on its side.
The dragon said in a calm voice,
“Polsmar! And thus is yours?”
The Dragons eyes met with hers,
“Amber, Is my name!”

Amber climbed upon Polsmar’s back,
And with a soft thud of her wings,
They were in the air.
As Polsmar said,
She took her to the happiest land on earth,
It was heaven.