T5S's Key To The Universe!

I am 13 years old. My father died in a train accident when I was 7. My mother and I have been OK for a few years but it still hurts. Anyway about a week ago I was off to the local milk bar when a weird man in a cloak walked next to me. He was on his phone. He was saying stuff like, “Get another key to the universe!” It sounded suspicious so I followed him back to his house.
He could see I was a smart guy, as he noticed I was walking behind him. Then I was led to a dead end street. It was all brick wall. Then in a puff of dust he was gone! I tried to follow but instead I was running into walls. In the dark there appeared five shadows of different sizes.
“Who’s there?” I said in a shivery voice. A web spun over the rooftop as a spider looking man walked up to me. I shivered even more. The spider type of man spoke to me.
“My name is T5S; standing for Torok 50th Soldier and this is T51S Junior.
This is Bleach, Ammo and SilverSide.” Bleach, a large rock of a man, walked out from beneath the shadows.
“Now I might just look like a rock instead of a man but I am a person. I was mixed with a rock when born.” Then a 14 year old girl walked up to me. “My name is SilverSide,” said the girl in a proud voice. She and her gang were wearing orange, green and white lycra suits. Next an excited, friendly robot walked up into the light. He was in a rocket shape. “Hi my name is Ammo.” I took a step forward.
“It isn’t safe here so come with us to Terrence that mysterious man’s hide out,” said T5S running away. Everyone followed him down streets and curves until they came to a pipe.
“We can’t fit in there,” I said impolitely.
“Maybe not, but that can,” said T5S. He pointed to a tin. “When the three red angry circles turn blue!” I held on for dear life as the gang and I spun around in midair and were shrunk to the size of peas to go through the tiny pipe. When they came out they where outside the evil professor’s house.
Ammo exclaimed as we all walked up to the mansion of flats. Bleach smashed the door down and walked in. As we ran to the 34th floor knocking people over, we finally got there. “How do you know this man?” I asked. “He’s an evil, old friend,” T5S replied. As they walked in the mysterious man was standing there with a joker, clown sort of guy. “I’ve been expecting you.” Terrence (the mysterious man) said. But it was too late! The gang and I had stolen the two keys to the universe while Terrence was talking to T5S! We had won!