A Champions End

Your career is short, but it goes by fast
You couldn’t care less; it’s just your life.
You spend your life running around a track, chasing a bunny you’ll never catch.
When you raced your eyes sparkled with passion,
It was just you and the rabbit, in your own separate battle.
But in your last race, you just couldn’t go on,
For all the years of racing, your legs paid the toll.
You tried to go on, but it was no use,
Your legs just gave up, and you fell to your doom.
With a snap and a crack, you shattered your back.
There was no coming back, from an injury like that.
Your life was over, just like that.
As I looked into your eyes, I knew you’d given up and wanted to go.
That made my choice easier; I couldn’t see you suffer,
I had you put down and the pain now I must suffer.
I have lost my best friend, my one true companion.


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