Haclepuss And Picklepuss

In a spooky town lived two witches called Haclepuss and Pickle puss they lived in a spooky tree. If you go inside, it looks like a real house with a bathroom, two bedrooms, a kitchen, a dining room and a fun room, and a room with children’s boiling pots and poisons to kill children. One dark scary night there were 6 boys, named Paul, Gary, Andrew, Reggie, riley and Quinn. They were walking their dog’s home, past Hacclepuss and pickle pusses’ spooky tree. After a few minutes Paul said “you guys go on I am just going to tie my shoelace “. The boys said “ok” and went on walking their dogs. After a few seconds Gary noticed there were only 5 boys including him, he turned around and saw that Paul wasn’t there. They saw Pauls dog sniffing for food Gary told the other boys but they said “he properly went anther way and his dog ran away”. He grabbed the dog and went on walking their dogs. After a while Gary said “you guys go on I just need to take my dog to the toilet “. The 5 boys went on walking their dogs. After an hour Andrew tripped over a rock that he did not see, when Andrew tripped over the rock Reggie, riley and Quinn didn’t notice until riley turned around and saw Andrews dog licking blood. Reggie and Quinn turned around and they both were in shock. “Grab the dog and run something terrible is happening anyone of us could be next”. So riley grabbed Andrews’s dog, and they ran. Reggie Quinn and riley were dodging tree branches, rocks, sticks but riley couldn’t dodge fast enough and he tripped and fell face first on the floor. Reggie looked back he saw that riley was gone and Quinn was only there. Reggie said “catch up Quinn”. Reggie looked back again and Quinn was gone. Reggie ran even faster. Suddenly out of nowhere something, someone jumped in front of Reggie……. He stopped and ran the other way but ……… there was something there. He heard a voice behind him say “hello little ha ha ha boy”. The voice in front of him said “what’s your name “before Reggie could answer something in front of him tried to kick him but Reggie grabbed its leg and said “you’re no match for my kung fu.” Reggie slapped and two witches’ faces went dark red. The two witches got so mad that they killed Reggie but nobody knows how all the boys disappeared……..

1 year later
There was an old grandpa named pappy driving home from work when his two back doors opened then closed. Pappy stopped his car; all the lights on the streets went off. Pappy tried to open his door but it wouldn’t open. He saw two red eyes glaring at him. Pappy saw the 6 kids saying “must kill old man must kill old man”.

We never saw the witches again



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