In a dark forest stood the most magic castle there ever was. It shimmered gold and shone sparks of light. In the depths of the castle lived a beautiful Princess and her best friend the dragon. The dragons name was Saffron. She was the most beautiful dragon in the land, and she had beautiful dark eyes and a shimmering gold necklace. The Princesses name was Alexandra. She had dark green eyes and golden hair, she had lips like cherries and the sparkle in her eyes made everyone adore her. But the problem was that the dragon Saffron was getting too big for the castle and needed a new home. So Alexandra and Saffron set off on a mission to find a new home for Saffron. Alexandra and Saffron searched for days on end searching for food and water. Finally Alexandra was just about to give in but just then she saw something in the distance but she was too tired to see what it was, so she asked Saffron to see what it was but just as she said it Saffron sprouted wings! Alexandra was so amazed she was speechless. Saffron’s wings were sparkling gold with glitter, Alexandra jumped with excitement so Saffron said she could get on her back. Later on Saffron and Alexandra got to the thing what they had seen previously in the day. It was a jungle they were so happy because they knew that all jungles had food and water. Saffron and Alexandra went into the jungle and right in front of them was a big deep cave and it was beautiful so they lived happily ever after!

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