Earth Hour

Gloomy at eight o’clock for Earth Hour. (I had prepared an hour of no energy apart from the fridge being left on and lighting some candles. I was troubled with visitors and so it was different. All afternoon I charged my portable DVD player. When eight o’clock hit, the lights went off and two candles went on. We watched a movie with no cords in a power point. We stayed like that for two hours. It was a different experience. That is how I participated in Earth Hour.

We should have Earth Hour every Saturday from eight pm till nine pm as this could save lots of energy. I think yesterday made more people aware that saving energy is important. We have to start taking care of our earth otherwise we will live life in an unhappy place. All Australians should try to make a difference all the time, not only for Earth Hour.

Dominique, 11 years old, St Christopher’s Primary School


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