It was the last game of the baseball season. If I get a home run, my team wins the league.
“OW”, I think I just got hit on the head, uh-oh everything’s going black…………

“Heeeeelp” down I go. I can’t believe it, one second I’m on the baseball field, next second I’m plummeting into a volcano. I can’t tell what’s going on. “Aahhhhhh!!!”.

I take the blankets off. Wait, BLANKETS!? It’s midnight, and I’m scared to death. What If something happens? I need to see a psychiatrist.

It’s the next morning. I wake up, brush my teeth and followed the usual routine. Then I go downstairs. My brothers are sitting on the couch watching TV. Mum and Dad are still asleep, I get a snack and wait. 2 hours ticked by. Mum and dad wake up. Dad walks out of the room, and wraps a tentacle around me! I close my eyes as he gobbles me up, then I wake up with fright.

It is morning, I wake up, and get ready for school, I go downstairs, my brothers are asleep, Mum & Dad were still in bed, 2 hours ticked by, mum & dad finally came out of the room, wait a minute, where have I seen this before, I remember my dream, “GET AWAY FROM ME, YOU FREAK!” I yell to dad. “KEEP YOUR TENTACLES OFF ME!”. Dad gets livid. A shiver runs down my spine, but dad says “I think he’s having those dreams again.” to mum “You’re going to see a psychiatrist, young man.” Mum says angrily, I scream.
I run upstairs and duck under my bed; I’m shivering, am I cracking up!? I can feel myself drifting off.

It’s night, how long have I been asleep!? I go downstairs, to my surprise, people are breaking into our house! I want to yell, but they’ll notice me, one of the people has a gun, wait a minute, this is another hallucination, I run, grab a glass of water and pour it on myself, suddenly I wake up, dripping wet with water, I had the solution to my problem, I’d carry a bottle of water around, and I’d pour it on my head if I began hallucinating, tomorrow’s gonna be smooth sailing.

I’m at the psychiatrist, everything’s going to be fine, I have the distinct feeling that I’ll be wrong. I waited and waited and waited some more, until it was finally my turn, the therapist pulled me into the room, and I dropped my bottle of water, that sucks. There’s a replica of a bear trap in her office, I slipped, and fell face first for her bear-trap replica, the psychiatrist catches me, and wraps around my head with a tube like mouth with teeth everywhere.

“Wake up!” mum says, half-crying, I look in the mirror, there are what look like teeth marks all over my face, I begin to wonder if the psychiatrist bite really was a hallucination….


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