Lara Meets The Unicorns

Once upon a time there was a unicorn and her name was Ivory. She was two years old and rather small. She had a mother and her name was Willow. Once, Ivory was walking in the magical woods when she saw a girl walking. So she went trotting over to her and nuzzled up to her.
The girl said, “Who are you?”
The unicorn said, “I am Ivory and who are you?”
“I am Lara.”
“What are you doing here?”
“I don’t know” said Lara. “Well I was following a butterfly, maybe that led me here, and anyway, where am I?”
“Well, you’re in the magical forest” said Ivory, “Would you like to come home with me?”
“Sure” said Lara.
When they got to Ivory’s house her mum was delighted to see that Ivory had made a friend. Then Willow said, “Do you want some afternoon tea?”
“Yes please mum” said Ivory. So Willow put out a platter of juicy flowers for them to eat.
“Yum, yum, yum” said the girls.
After they had finished eating they went off to play in the magical woods. Then Ivory noticed that it was getting unfamiliar. Ivory hadn’t been this far from home before. They were both lost and scared.
“What can we do?” cried the girls.
At home, Ivory’s mum got worried and went outside to look for them. She looked and looked for them and called their names, but she couldn’t find them.
“Oh no” Willow thought, very frightened of the dark, “I’ve got to find them.”
Then Lara said, “I’m scared of the dark.”
“Me too” said Ivory, “But if we’re together we’ll be safe.”
Then they heard Ivory’s mum calling and they ran in the direction of her voice.
“Mum” Ivory called.
Willow cried, “I’ve been worried about you.”
“I’ve been worried about you too” said Ivory, “I love you Mum.”
“I love you too darling.”
Then they nuzzled up to each other.
Soon Lara said, “I should be getting home now.”
“No, stay with us for the night” said Ivory, “We’ve got a spare bed for you.”
“Thank you very much” said Lara.
Then Willow said, “I’ll call your parents and I’m sure it will be fine. We’ll take you home in the morning- on my back.”
“Thanks for letting me stay” said Lara.
“It’s fine. Now let’s go home, it’s time for bed girls.”
When they got home they got into bed.
“That was the most exciting day I’ve ever had” Lara said to Ivory. “Night, Ivory.”
“Night, Lara.”
“I like this place.”
“So do I. Night Lara.”
“Night Ivory.”

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