Mateship-An ANZAC Day Poem

I hear the bullets whizzing by my heart beats like a drum, I hear the cries and shouts as a bullet hits someone.

I look back and to my shock I see Johnny, my best mate, dying on the shores of Gallipoli this should not be his fate.

I sprint over to him with a rush forgetting about this war, I think about his baby boy the one he never saw.

He says he wished that he was home
with his family and his friends,
then he whispered in my ear
that for him - this was the end.

I watched my mate suffering
as he took his last breath,
it finally clicked inside my head
that for him this meant death

Johnny died that Sunday night
He was a man I was lucky to have met,
So every ANZAC day I think of him and the words...

Lest We Forget.