T.Y.T.I.L (Those Years That I Loved)

I spotted some photos in a box on the shelf,
Between my momentums and my treasures of wealth,
Of friends long forgotten, and times that have died,
I sighed in deep sadness, and oh, how I cried.
And that’s when I went back to those days,
When I smiled and laughed in every way,
I remembered the fun of my life on the farm,
Of the days with no worries and a world that was calm.
So that is why children, I say from my heart,
Don’t go a day without smiles and laughs,
Stay a child as long as you can,
And when you grow old, revisit again,
Your childhood mischief, and fun and joy,
Those days of imagination and toys,
Muck around lots and get into strife,
Don’t grow up too fast and just enjoy life.