Wacky Town

Hello, I’m your narrator and I will be telling you a story called Wacky Town!
It’s the weirdest story you have ever heard. So buckle up and enjoy the ride.

Once there was a girl called Sally. She was a little seven-year old girl with brown hair and black eyes. One day, returning home after school, she slopped herself onto her favourite chair. “Hello, Mummy!” Sally said happily. “Mum!?” There was silence. She walked up to her Mum’s bedroom door. Suddenly she jumped back. There was a BIG…BLACK HOLE! Sally was getting sucked in. “HELP!!!” No one heard her. Suddenly she bumped onto the ground. “OUCH!” She was in some weird street. Everything was backwards. Even the stop sign, it said ‘POTS’.


Well, what a weird story. You may be wondering who her Mum is. Her name is Angelica. Every afternoon after Sally comes home, Angelica goes to her room and reads a book in bed. Back to the story.

A person was walking past Sally. “Hello, what’s your name?” she asked.
“Rehpotsirhc!” “What!?” “Ha,ha,just joking, I’m Christopher!” “Um…hello, do you know where I am?” “Yes, you’re in Wacky Town, where everything is backwards! Well enough talking! Let me show you around!”

“That’s the Town Hall!” Christopher said brightly. “Yes, that’s all good but I just want to get home!” Sally shouted. “You are home!” “No, home, REAL home.” “Ohhhh! All you need to do is find the magic wizard.” “What wizard?” Sally said, baffled. “The Great Wizard!” “Okay, how do I get to him?” “Just follow me.”

Sally walked for hours and hours following Christopher. “Are we there yet?” She got no reply. “ARE WE THERE YET!?” Sally screamed. “Ok, ok, yes we are here. You have been walking on the spot for a long time, SO I chose to have a nap. “WHAT!!!” Sally screeched her lungs out. Suddenly she pretended to break into tears. “Um, um, ok, I will show you now”. Sally said to herself, what a GREAT trick!

They came to a big, crumbling castle. The top window was lit. “Let’s go up!” Sally whispered, not wanting to disturb the wizard. From the entrance there were steps going up and up leading to the top room. “I’m scared!” Christopher whispered. “Don’t be a scaredy cat!”

At the top Sally opened the creaky door. There was a man with a shiny blue cloak with his back to Sally. He was holding a light-bulb shaped object. “Heeeeeelllllllooooo!” Sally’s voice echoed. The wizard jumped. He dropped the object, and quickly picked it up again. “What do you want?” “My name is Sally and I want to go home.” “Then tell me your Mum’s name.” “Um, Angelica.” “Ok, ready?” He took a short breath. “Bibidy-bobidy, bibidy-bo, I will send you straight back home!”

When she opened her eyes, she was still on her chair. She quickly popped up and ran to her Mum’s room. Angelica had dozed off reading her book. At least she was ok!