Lara Clara

Lara Clara was an angel. She would always do as she was told. When her mother asked her to get out of bed she would. When told to brush her teeth she would get to it straight away. She obeyed her mother ALL the time. When Lara Clara was told to pack away her toys, get ready for school, do her homework and not snack on food before dinner time, she would do as she was expected to do. But there was something that Lara Clara would never ever do for her mum.
“Clean your room this instant!” screeched her mum.
“Mum, I’ll get to it later.”
“No, I’m counting to three!”
“Fine, I don’t care!”
“That’s it, one….two….three! Okay, you’ve got consequences.”
Then Lara Clara started to cry.
“Oh, I’m sorry. Do you want a hug?”
“Yes please, Thank you mummy!”
Every time when Lara Clara’s mother forced her to tidy her room, Lara Clara would cry. And every time Lara Clara cried her mum would feel sorry for her. You see, Lara Clara was intelligent. She would manipulate her mother every time when asked to clean her room. And Lara Clara’s room NEVER got tidied. Rubbish was everywhere and it was hard to find your way to Lara Clara’s bed.
One afternoon when Lara Clara was given her first medal for the 100 sprints grade 1, her mum requested that she’d keep it in a safe place.
‘I’ll just dump it in my room where I put all my other things,’ Lara Clara whispered to herself.
-3 days later-
“I can’t find my medal mum!”
“What have I been telling you the whole time?”
Well, I thought I’d remember where I put it,” Lara Clara sulked.
So Lara Clara and her mum cleaned her room all afternoon until they could find their way around.
“I found it!” Lara Clara yelled with joy.
And from that day forward Lara Clara would get out of bed when told to, brush her teeth, pack away her toys, get ready for school, do her homework, not snack on food before dinner AND always cleaned her room as soon as it got messy.

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