The Day I Woke In Heaven

Finalist in the 'Summertime Fun Writing' competition

I fell into a deep sleep and washed my thoughts away,
Thinking about the pension, and hoping to live another day.
My loving husband George so many years together,
Living my life to the fullest, wishing I could live forever.
As I open my eyes and have a glance, to see my beautiful home,
I fear my health tells me so much; my husband will soon be alone.
The smile never leaves my wrinkly face,
The daughters the grandkids there’s no better place.
As the darkness sets in and I try to sleep once more,
My body so fragile my back so sore.
Waiting for my medicine to kick in,
I feel a pause from my heart within.
I start to behave in a frantic manner,
The pain I feel, like being wrenched with a spanner.
Knowing I’m about to take my last breath,
I have loved my life it has been the best.
The sound of silence, I awaken to find,
My soul above and my body behind.
A golden gate approaches me and a ray of light on my face,
It was heaven itself an absolutely amazing place.
I look down knowing I’m going to the next life.
My name was Sandy Smith I was a grandmother and a wife.