Last Breath

I had to think about all the things I should do before I take my LAST BREATH. Like maybe I could finish a 500 peice puzzle.Hhhmmmm.... Or maybe I could visit some famous actress or I could see some old friends and neighbours. I DON'T KNOW!!! I lay down, closed my eyes and tried to get some sleep but I just couldn't. I sat up and called for the nurse. ring, ring and asked her if I could explore the place before I took my last breath. She said it was fine. So I got into a car and drove off to A.B.A (America's Best Actresses)I tiptoed inside the hall and they had already started. I sat down and watched it. I saw Hilary Duff, Amanda Bynes, Emma Roberts, Emma Watson and many more and I asked them to sign my program and guess what? They did!!!!!! I got back into the car and drove off to visit my neighbours and friends. I decided to visit Mr Blue and he let me in to have some tea. Next I visited Mrs Snow and we sat down to watch TV. After that I went back to my house and sat down at the table to finish the jigsaw puzzle. I put down another peice and another and then I counted the peices I had left and there were 4 peices . I fit them ion the puzzle and I had finished it. So I went back to the hospital. I lay down in bed. I had finally done what I had wanted to do all these yeas. I leaned back and closed my eyes, went to sleep and took my last breath.

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