Tah Munti Islanders

A big 'BANG' erupted from the coast of Tah Munti. People everywhere were screaming for help as the small buildings started to collapse upon themselves. Children were trapped,their parents trying despretly to get themm out. They thought this could be the worse that could happen to the small island, but they were very wrong indeed. half an hour later while people started to dig their loved ones out, what thoght to be an earthquake at the start stated to sink the coast of Tah Munti island. Children were screaming trying to get their last breath of the life that ended in tradgedy.

57 years have oast fromt hat disustres day. Now in this year people only heard the stories to what happened to the Tah Munti island. Researches haven't foun any proof that the once coast of Tah Munti actually existed. Most of the people thought this was only a story that if too many people on one island, the island woould sink at first pretending to be a earthquake. though most of the worlds population believe that, some people still believe the island did vanish, like 23 year old irish born researcher Hendrick Al'Plort.
" Are you sure boy that this island really exists?" asked his sailer when they were at the port walking. "Yes sailer I have many facts to back me up,sailer" "And what would the facts be, that this island really does exist?" he asked in his irish accent. "well for one sailer, i know that the coast doesen't exist but im positive that the mainland of this island exists still today." answered Hendrick with a hint of excitment in his voice. "Really Hendrick, well if you're so positive that this island exists then I would let you lead the way if, and only if you know the exact location of this island you've been talking about." "Yes sailer I should know where to locate whereabouts this island is if i put things together." hendrick said with enthusiasm. "Well me'boy shoot
With that final word from the sailer Hendrick went right off to put pieces together untill 5 days and 41 minutes later he found it out. "Sailer, Sailer, I got it!" exclaimed Hendrick "Got what, hendrick?" "i found out where the island lays!" "oh yes, right then Hendrick fire away me'boy!" "yes sir well here it is all the plans, maps and the exact location." Hendrick said as he handed them to the sailer. " Thanks Hendrick...OK crew, Hendrick here found the island we are going there wether you like it or not, now move, move." shouted the sailer over the top of all the noise of feet getting ready the journey.
When they sailed off to sea.
Months have past with no sight of the island. " Hendrick are you sure this is the right place?" asked the sailer in the cabin "Positive sailer I mapped exactly-" Hendrick stopped
when the cabin door flew open "Sir we think we found it"said a womens voice hendrick did not recignize "Found what?" saked the sailer "The island sir, the island." " Really, Oh my
god, lead the way then." "Oh wow" said the sailer as they saw the island
"Hendrick you were right...to bad you're not going there" "say again sailer" asked Hendrick dreamyingly. As the sailer pulled out his sword that he always wore, hemdrick got his attention. "Hey hey, dont need to bring that out sailer!" exclaimed Hendrick "I think I do. Do you think im actually going to let you win . no, no i dont think so hendrick, not this time." when the sailer said tose words hendrick suddenly had a thougth."Sailer if you kill me now you won't get to know what happens if you step on that island" "oh hendrick please not with this rubbish again." said the sailer impatiently bringing his sword up over his head, then stabing it into hendrick.
Thouth hendrick died a brutal death at least he didnt have to die a long painful death like the sailer. As the sailer didnt heed Hendricks warning, when he stepped on that island the earthquake started again and this time dimolished the whole island ingluding the sailer and the whole crew. This is the end of their live as this is the end for this story.