Hans And The Kite

On one cold and windy day in the holidays, Hans decided to fly a kite and he suddenly remembered that he got a kite for his 12th birthday. So he got the kite from under his bed and decided to fly it. But Hans didn’t know that it was a really windy day and the kite dived. Hans didn’t know that it was going to dive and it got tangled in an antenna and that is how the story started …

“Oh no!” cried Hans worriedly, trying to get the kite untangled from the antenna. Just then when Hans nearly got the kite untangled, a bird bit on the string which held onto the kite. The string broke and it went flying up and up. It flew so high that it left Earth and was last seen heading up to the planet Mars.

At Mars an alien came out and tried to chase the kite around but it couldn't catch it. The alien was small and green with two pointy ears, three big pink eyes, one fat nose and two tall legs. So it flew up to Jupiter and it was never ever seen again by the aliens. Most people believe that it is still out there some where in space or the Milky Way the people that believe that are the scientists.


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