Fairy Magic

One nice sunny day Charlotte and her little sister Daisy were out in their garden picking flowers for their mum.Charlotte was eight and loved to cook and Daisy was five and she loved flowers.While Daisy was picking flowers Charlotte made a cherry pie.When their mum saw the cherry pie and the flowers she was as happy as a sunflower so she let them have a picnic outside in the garden.''What are we going to pack for our picnic''said Daisy.''We are going to pack oranges,blueberry muffin's,apple's and two choc chip cookies''said Charlotte.They grabbed the picnic basket and skipped happily into the garden.While they were eating their oranges Charlotte saw something very strange.She was a tiny girl with a nice yellow dress with blue shoes and had nice long blonde hair.Charlotte moved a little closer''Daisy come and look at this it's incredible''whispered Charlotte.Daisy moved closer to Charlotte and froze.''It's incredible she has WINGS''whispered Charlotte.The small girl turned around and saw Charlotte.She said hello to both of them.She said her name Stella the Star fairy and said that she was here because she was hiding from the pesky goblins.Suddenly Charlotte felt someone was pushing her and she opened her eyes and she was in bed with her mum beside her.Charlotte told her mum what had happened.Her mum said it must have been a dream....


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