World Peace

Finalist in the 'Writers Wanted 2009 World of Words' competition

Anxiety stirs and my pain within does rise,
as I seek what is not there, with all my will in its demise.
I search in sorrow, searching in a world of hate and corruption,
full of pain and deciet, madness and destruction.
I'm lost in the struggle of what seems like the worlds cremation,
witnessings murders, wars and the innocent's damnation.
We press and push towards the greater good for mankind,
with the corporate big man rising while leaving the little guy behind.
As the poor struggle, the cruel world just turns the other cheek,
pushing them down further, ruling off their chance to speak.
I'm still searching in sorrow, but my will shall soon decease,
because I'm tired of this never ending journey in the search to world peace.