Crisp daisy petals, at the moon they peep,
Like apple-white blades of soft frosted shells:
As Morning, she awakens from her sleep,
And all are revived from their blissful spells.
Daisies stand still, tall compasses of dawn,
As sunlight turns dim with sleeted showers.
Drinking water so sweet, no time to yawn,
How wondrous to be in a world of flowers.
Rays of light kiss their feather-weight petals,
Oh, to play all day with daisies so fair!
Dusk is here, and the daisy field settles,
A black veil falls, alight with stars that flare.
But time is held in a slippery hand,
Daisies will wilt as time falls around us,
It slips through our fingers like velvet sand,
And limpid petals are swept into dust.