Mac And The Evil Chair

One day there was a boy named Mac who was in kindergarten, who always had the same chair every week. One week it wasn’t the same and terrible things happened. Constantly the same chair was given to him. Mac one day, as he got fed up, named the chair, ‘The Evil Chair’.
During the day Mac turned as red as a tomato as his chair moved from him. Mac fell and hurt his bottom, his best friend helped him up. Mr Russel, Mac’s teacher announced that it was time for the beep test. The class had been preparing for it and also waiting. Mr. Russel’s class walked over to the sport’s area and got prepared. Meanwhile to the kids warming up, Mr. Russel said “Time is up, Prepare to be ready in 5, 4, 3, 2, 1 Go!” Minutes past and Mac was puffing. Catching Mac’s eye he was the only person left. Mac’s heart was beating like a steaming engine. Mac said cheerfully “I won! I really won!” Looking happy he had made it to cross country, in his level.
Immediately, Mac was back in his classroom and went to sit down in his chair. He remembered leaving it out and when he came to sit down on it the evil chair moved an inch back and so Mac fell again, and turned to be brave and bold! Mac talking to the chair made everyone stare at him. Mac, got scared as someone scared him walking through the door. Mac had to tell the truth but he thought people would think his crazy! They did an experiment with whipped cream. Later, Mac’s uniform was as white as snow as he spilled the whipped cream all over his uniform.
Mac came up to me and told me how scared he was at play time and we had a talk. Happily Mac said “You made me feel much better!”
The rubbish takers got a call about the Evil Chair and took it away and replaced it for them.
If there is another Evil Chair you know what will happen won’t you?