Sad Soul : '(

She was ready for school her dress tied with a bow,it was daddy's day at school today and she couldn't wait to go.But her mum said to stay home,why the other kids wont understand if she went alone.But she knew just what to say,about her dad that she cant see and never calls.

When she got to school there were dads all lined up on the back wall,the teacher would ask them one by one to come up and introduce there dads.And when it came to her turn,she smiled up at the teachers that told her to go on.She started to speak so many words so unique,

My daddy could not be here today, as he lives so far away.But i bet he wishes he could as this is such a special day.We used to share fudge sundaes and ice-cream on a cone,although you can not see him im not standing here alone.He told me he will be forever in my heart, With that her hand lay across her heart.

You see my daddy was a police man he died this very year, when the plane hit the towers and fought the Americans to fear.But when i close my eyes its like he never went away.So there at that moment she closed her eyes and saw him that day,as her mum walked in to the class room she was filled with amazement.

As by seeing all the kids and dads starting to close there eyes, Maby for a second they saw him by her side. As for when they opened there eyes they saw a long stemed rose on the desk beside her, I LOVE YOU DADDY! She yelled out. For all the non believers that where once filled with dought, could not explain what happened that day. For her dad is her shinning star and she knows that heaven is not so far.