A Bad, Bad Animal

A Bad, Bad Animal
There once was a town called Bad Town.
Everyone was bad tempered, everyone had bad breath, there was nothing but bad weather and Bad Town grew nothing but bad apples.
And one day when the Bad Town people thought nothing could get any worse it did.
A strange sort of bad animal was roaming in the Bad Town museum.
The inspectors went over to the museum and searched up and down, side to side and all around.
But nothing was there.
Just when the men where about to walk out the door something moved unexpectedly.
The inspectors quickly turned around and the dinosaur was alive.
And from that day on the Bad Town people never ever went in that museum.
But did you know the Bad Town inspectors where never to be seen again.

By Ella Woolcott
Address: 15 Elvina Avenue Avalon 2107
Age: 9
School: Maria Regina Avalon


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