Fairy Tales

It was a hot summer day in the land of Fairies and also the start of a new school year. Twinkle Toes and Pearl had been best friends since preschool, but this year there was a new girl. Pop had just moved from Tree Town because of her Mom’s spell casting job. The girls had finished primary school and were now off to High school. Pearl and Pop were in Mrs. Jewel’s class and Twinkle Toes (the spiteful sprite) was in Mr. Wand’s class just down the hall.
“Pop, Pop, Pop what kind of a name is that” said Twinkle Toes with a grim smile on her face “Who would be so mean to name their darling red headed child Pop?”
“I guess my parents,” hesitated Pop, trying not to sound offended.
“I think it’s a nice name,” interrupted Pearl.
Ding…Ding…Ding. “Finally,” sighed Pop, “the end of day one.” But little did she know this was only the beginning of a very tough week.
“Alright class, sit down,” said Mrs. Jewels in an agitated voice. “Today I’m going to pair you up with a partner for a science project. Leif, I want you to be with Dustin. Petal will work with Sparkle. And last, but not least, Pearl, would you mind helping our new friend, Pop?”
“Sure,” replied Pearl, “I’d be happy to.”
“Alright then, let’s get to work!”
And that’s when it began. Pop and Pearl were too busy with their science project to notice that Twinkle Toes was feeling a bit left out.
The next day, Twinkle Toes put some bad fairy dust in Pop’s magical mushroom sandwich. She knew Pearl would offer to bring Pop her lunch box. Pop spent the rest of the day in sick bay.
On Thursday, Twinkle Toes got to school early so she could pull another prank. She yanked Pearl’s mushroom desk out of the ground and left a long red hair lying next to it so Pop would be blamed.
By Friday, Pearl and Pop weren’t speaking to each other. This should have made Twinkle Toes very happy, but instead she was feeling ashamed of herself. So, she wrote a note to Pearl and Pop asking them to meet her at the enchanted tree after school. On the way to the Enchanted tree, Twinkle Toes was swooped by a Plover. She never made it to the Enchanted Tree.

The moral of this story is….Don’t wait to say you’re sorry. You might never get the chance.


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