Finalist in the 'World of Words 2009' competition

Darkness consumes the night, concealing any illumination,
My previous sight is only visible within my imagination.
A shallow emptiness absorbs the midnight air,
Leading to an uncertainty I dread, I am unaware.

In my dreams I struggle through the inescapable mist,
Forcing myself to continue, I must persist.
The silence that creeps around me seems completely surreal,
Ambiguity though it has brought, exposed is a certain appeal.

I suddenly awake to discover a promising view,
Out my window I peer, above the hills I see blue.
Light has finally replaced the awful depression,
Despair and gloom regrettably having left their impression.

But solace and calmness has now been created,
Fatigue has abandoned me, slightly overrated.
A new day is rising as the darkness disappears,
Though tonight it shall return, reinforcing my fears.


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