A Brighter Day

In a world full of travesty,
Where weapons and guns are spread easily,
Where a Child’s voice can not be heard,
Where people would easily kill a mockingbird.

In a world where no one cares what's right or wrong,
Where more then one person won't live for long,
There lies hope in times to come,
There lies hope in the hearts of everyone.

As the world shifts and moves,
The lives of people begin to soothe,
In a world that you can't resist,
In a world that will soon exist.

In a world where children can have fun,
Without worrying someone's going to shoot a gun.
Where people can sing their own song,
Where being coloured doesn't make you wrong.

In a world where people are not in hunger,
Where people on the street are no longer,
In a world where people are free to dream,
And the happiest people are those not seen.

In a world where people finally see the light,
Where people aren't afraid to go out at night,
A world like this is hard to find,
But people like us are no longer blind.


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