Fairy Land

Once upon a time near a big old oak tree was a little door that was made for a little person. Near this tree I thought I saw a little person who looked just like a fairy.
The next day I went to school and told my friends, Emma and Barbara. They wouldn’t believe me, every minute I tried to convince them I wasn’t lying.
They came to my house the following day and they saw a cut in a tree shaped like a door but they kept on saying, “It’s not real.” At five o’clock they went home.
Through my window I saw them again entering the door, but this time they were real, they saw me and then they disappeared. If I was going to tell these stories to my friends I’m going to name the place the best name possible, it would have to be Fairyland.
A week later I asked my friends to come over again, this time I went over to the tree when the door was open and had a peek inside so did my friends. We could not believe our eyes, inside we saw little, what looked to be fairies everywhere. There were schools, roads, little houses every thing you could imagine. It was like our world but a lot smaller. This time my friends saw what I had been seeing all along. They gulped and than said sorry. They tried thinking how much money they would get if they told new’s people or at least someone rich.
I told them this could be the biggest thing in history. I loved secrets and this is the biggest I have ever had. Than the most beautiful blue fairy had come out of the little door, she was heading towards the house. I did not have a clue what she was doing. When she came back she had a crumb.
The next day was Friday; it was also a public holiday. It was pouring down with rain and under a leaf in the garden I saw a fairy, the same one. I went to go and give it cover but when I made my way there it was gone, so was the door. I think it was all a dream because I still had my pajamas on.


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