Rocky roads, on her bare feet, a maiden’s heart she sent to her men
Ever known that her chase behind what she destined, was there a reply?
Hollowed soul now poured with pure passion, dream she shared it ignites
Thou ought to hear, all of her pleadings and desiring, every now and then
Oh anything better than a sound of a little angel, her tears, count one to ten
More than words can describe, her love and mine, despite it is so finite
Yesterday, cried the moment of her and I, lied in me, o she hold on so tight
Might sorrows borrow the morrows, but they can never tear down our amen
Nourished honey she fed, the clarity of pain, all the bruises, all the bled
Inside bitter there is sweet, on her shoulder she carries, why shall I dread
Entrust her guide, the dark night, cherished hope for my two legs to stand
Right there lies were on sand, is washed away when the tides come to land
Ye well she’s the last light of mine when all the sky stars have gone by
For my hunger and thirst of life, the flesh and blood she will sacrifice.


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