The Colourless Man

There once was a man that lived in a house all by himself. He never knew what colours were or what hope was. He never loved something because he never felt it. Where he lived there wasn't anything other than shades of grey and black and white. Everyday was the same routine. Brush teeth, have breakfast, shower, have lunch, have dinner and supper. He also looked in the mirror everyday. But it was always the same grrey figure. He never outside the house because the door was shut. He always thought he shouldn't open it no matter what.

One day he got letter. After that he saw some colour when he looked at his reflection. His cheeks flushed pink. It was an invitation to a party from a cheerful lady. He felt so happy. So he wrote back and answered yes. So the day after he went to the person's place. A few hours later he came back and looked at his reflection. He was colourful. He had blue, pink, red - all sorts of colours. He realised that his cheeks had turned pinker. He felt something else. He felt loved. He fell in love with the lady and lived happily together. He learned how to love, hope and lots more. He never forgot.

Morale: Always open the door to explore, don't wait for it to open itself. You never know what you might find. Maybe make friends or fall in love.


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