The Ghost Of Half Dead Joe

Bang! Bang! Bang! when ghosts of anger. “You can't hide forever, wa ha ha,” Went dead old hang with a deep voice. Think, think thought Jeffrey.

Once there was a boy named Jeffery. He was wondering around at night in the woods looking for somewhere to sleep, he could only find was a old creepy house that sat on top of a hill. He went up the hill to the creepy old house and what he found was not what he thought he would find. The old house was black in all ways, wolfs howls were heard from all around. But Jeffrey thought it was a good idea to go inside, Which it wasn’t.

“Hello,” said Jeffery but no one answered. He went therther into house. “Aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaahhhhhhhhhhhhhhh,” screams the ghost of the old creepy house. ”Get out, get out, my name is half dead Joe and if you dont out i will kill you,” screamed half dead Joe. And out of no where came a ghost with long arms and legs and he eye wernt there but he was crying blood. He started to chace Jeffery down the hall up the stairs. Jeffery found a place to hide, but how long would it last?

Bang, bang went ghostly fist on the door. Think Jeffery, think, thought Jeffery to himself. The door slamed with a loud bash. “Hello anyone here,” said Half dead Joe. Jeffery thought quick he got up run and run and didnt stop until he got out of the house. I better get out of here, thought Jeffery. He left quickly but quietly and he never went into the woods ever, ever again.


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