Wish Upon A Star

“Choose a star, Ruth.” I told my sister, smiling gently at her.
“Any star?” She asked as she gazed in wonder at the millions of stars in the sky. In the distance, Venice was lit up with the light of a full moon.
“Yes, any star.”
Ruth looked around, searching for the perfect glistening star. Her eyes sparkled with the reflection of the endless lights in the vast, deep blue sky. She focused on one shiny, glimmering star that was diagonally above the beaming moon.
“Now, make a wish.” I whispered, my words carried through the air by the cold, night wind. Ruth looked up at me in confusion, her face contortioned in a puzzled look.
“What is a wish?” She asked me. I tucked her dangling hair behind her ears, crouched down and lovingly stroked her face.
“A wish is like a dream your heart makes.” I replied, glancing back at the sky. “Have faith in your wish and someday, it will come true.”
Ruth turned back to her star, closed her eyes and after a few seconds, opened them. I ruffled her hair and we both laughed as I pulled her close to keep her safe from the cold, winter air. Suddenly, keys clicked in the front door and the clattering of beer bottles broke the silence. I rushed Ruth inside and hurriedly tucked her in bed. Just as I closed her door and was about to go into my room, the front door opened and there he was. I quietly opened my bedroom door, hoping he hadn’t seen me and quickly shut it behind me. Jumping into bed, I could hear the bellowing of his footsteps. Even behind a closed door, I smelled the overpowering stench of beer reeking from my father. My sister and I barely make enough money to support our family, afraid of what might happen if we don’t. It wasn’t easy living in Venice with so many people struggling to survive in poverty. Most people are gondola drivers and such, but our father never wanted to work since our mother passed away. Therefore, everyday me and Ruth walk to town to sell flowers. THUMP! THUMP! THUMP! My hands were clammy, and had been drained of any sensation. My legs felt as though they had been turned to sand. I closed my eyes and cuddled my blanket against my chest. As I quaked in fear, the door slowly creaked open. My father grunted quietly and I heard him drunkenly falter to the kitchen as I let out a relieved sigh. Quietly slipping out of my room, I opened Ruth’s door and tiptoed to her bed. Her gentle snoring forced a light chuckle out of my mouth as I lay my head beside hers. My eyelids felt like weights were attached to them. As I drifted off next to my sister I heard her soft voice whisper,
“Wish upon a star.”