Together Forever

It was going to be a long night, not moving anywhere and nobody to support us except each other. We had all abandoned home and gathered together by the cliffs.

Now everyone reading this is probably wondering why would you do this? Well, it all started 1 week ago when Jack got into a fight at school as he usually does but this time he put James in hospital. James’s parents had threatened to sue him so he went to the judge and put a gun to her head and told her to not let it happen. When she said no the security had already grabbed him and dragged him down to the police station. Before he was put in handcuffs he bolted from there all the way to my house. He came up to my window and into my room, crying and begging for my help. I knew I had to do something so I called in our whole group and 2 days later we were planning what was going to happen. We had all acted dumb and played the not knowing where he was card. Some houses were searched, he was the new missing criminal. We all had our bags and I had the burner phone. We all had money, food, and water so we didn’t die and had to kill each other for food. Haha, I'm just joking but we did have everything we needed. We had planned to go Friday night but there were cops roaming in every street so we waited until 1 am on the 5th of March which was a Saturday. We erased our data and our memories from our old phones and left. We all left our houses and I still had Jack in my house so we snuck out and met everyone at the cliffs.

In the end, we had 5 people, Jack, Will, Nathan, Jordan, Grace, and me.
Bella was the person we were going to call because she knew what we had to do and she was Will’s sister so we all trusted her.

We had rung her before the devil’s hour telling her “if anyone asks about us, we’re fine”.

The phone disconnected before she could say what she was going to say.
"We have to do something now, It’s all your fault, what are we going to do?!"
Jack exclaimed in a harsh accent.

Everyone glared at him and as Jordan unplugged his headphones, I got the temptation to scream out my frustration and hit him with my fist which had been clenched. Jordan put out his arm and stopped me, I looked at Jordan with confusion and anger in my eyes, before I could tell him to go away Jordan said, "You're kidding.. right, we've just endangered our future for you. If you didn't try to kill James at school we wouldn’t be in this situation. You didn't get expelled because you slept with the principal so you got suspended. After his family threatened to sue you, you went to the judge and put a Glock 27 to her chest because you were scared of getting sued and she wouldn’t help you. After that, the judge was so terrified that she called me. Now you're already probably thinking,
"Why did she call you?" Well, I work with the government making codes and helping them with technology. I do realize I'm 16 but I was working on a project and I wanted her advice on her judgment abilities but you fucked that up. Now I will have no future because you couldn’t admit to anyone, not even yourself that you attempted to kill James.”

We were still in shock and we all looked at Jordan and with every word, he said we felt so proud of him. He then said, “ so you see you aren’t in command, It’s me and Winter”.
Everyone looked at me as he walked off but didn’t question him because we all knew he would come up with something that would ruin us all. The rest of us caught up to him and we all knew this would be a long journey but with peace. Jack was silent the whole trip.

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