Hyperspace Adventures Book 15 : The Mirage

Jayden panted softly. Jayden was a Intergalactic Space Agent. The Agents were 24 spies working for the Intergalactic Space Rangers. Jayden raised his spyglass, glancing at the ship in the air. It was undoubtedly a Pirate Airship. Jayden knew who was riding it. Jayden tapped his radio and yelled into it, "Professor Bob, I have found Captain Deadbeard's Airship, the Scurve. Report to Planet Coder 11093. And quick, the Legion of Legs are coming!" Professor Bob's reply blared out, "Sending Professor Zeppelin to your aid!" Jayden saw it- a massive fleet of mandibles and legs rushed in from two miles away. Jayden lowered his spyglass and hit the Helicopter Button on belt. A helicopter landing pad opened up from the ground and Jayden jumped into one of the Spy Copters, a huge helicopter used by the Spies. The Creature Sound Detector beeped. An Ignis Ursa - a big one was heading towards the Copter. Ignis Ursas were big bears that had very thick skin and could spit Fireballs or create a wildfire or make fire pop out of their paws and attack the victim, paralyzing and burning them to death. Jayden screamed and flew upwards as he knew Ignis Ursas attack without being provoked. Suddenly, the Airship flew straight at the Copter and broke it, making Jayden fall onto the Ignis Ursa. Now, Ignis Ursas were sorted into normal ones, Poisos Ignis Ursas, Pyro Ursas and Arson Ursas. Jayden, inspecting the Ursa's paws and ears knew it was a Pyro Ursa. They could make Fire Tornadoes and worst of all, could burn up a whole planet.
"Now, now! This is very tricky!" said Professor Byte, steering the Cosmos Space Missile. Captain Tide Lariat had released the last and thinnest rope. The Acceleration Light Rocket XIII sped forward at a very fast speed. Croissant yelled, having the time of his life. Captain Nancy Lobsterlegs then yelled, "Argh!" There was the Emperor, his fists like pumpkins, his hands bewitched badly. A gale of Darkness struck and nobody knew what happened next. Everyone woke up to find the Acceleration Light Rocket XIII had sped off with Croissant hanging on for dear life. The Cosmos Space Missile's blades hit the rope and cut it, making the last moon hit the other moons. The Emperor had been a mirage.



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