Hyperspace Adventures Book 17 : The Scattered Prophecy

Professor Zeppelin's ship faltered under an electrical shot that flared the ship up. "Abandon Rocket!" yelled Zeppelin. Jayden parachuted out and turned on his space helmet. But Professor Zeppelin had been captured by a giant object. No sooner had Jayden shouted, Zeppelin was dead, killed by the wrath of the object. The unknown creature slid out. It was big. Very. Very. Big. It's mandibles with furious flames and its legs fast with fire, it was the Storm. But, the face was no longer an ant face. It was a bear face. It was definitely a hybrid between the Storm and an Ignis Pyro Ursa. Jayden called it the 'Super Storm'. "Agent Jayden to Professor Bob! Do you read me?" yelled Jayden through the radio.
"Loud and clear, Jayden," replied Professor Bob.
"The, er, well, it is hard to explain..."
"OK, here goes. Professor Zeppelin died from a new beast."
"Oh no! What was the beast?"
"It was a cross between an Ignis Pyro Ursa and the Storm."
"Ah... Captain Deadbeard and Ahmed Ahmed created it through powerful Darkness."
"OK, got it! Agent Jayden out!"
Now, Jayden looked at the beast that was spurting flames everywhere. He gulped.
"Now, we need the Prophecy Core! The thing that will unravel to future, the past and the present! We need it to tell the true words of the Prophecy," said Captain Tide Lariat dramatically, holding a map. "It says that we must journey up to the summit of the Jagged Peaks and then fight the Darkness Dragon! That has never, ever been done before in the history of catching lobsters!" yelled Captain Nancy Lobsterlegs. The Invisibility Mole wished them good luck before turning invisible and heading back to the Jungles of Jockeys.
"Finally! We made it to the top of the Peaks. I'm going to rest forever!" sighed Croissant. Johnny, Professor Byte and Professor Tice all looked at the dark cloud circling a large hole. "NOW! GET OFF MY LAND!!!" yelled a goat. "Now, now-" began Drone and Arnold together. Suddenly, a lightning bolt came out of the goat's mouth, almost blitzing Lassie, Tassie and Trickle. "Wait! You are the Zap Goat! We are friends! I'm Professor Bob! Remember?" yelled Professor Bob. Everyone was shocked. Finally, the goat managed a smile. "Yes, I am sorry, Bob. We are friends after all," he said. "Wait, let me get this straight! You know this goat?" asked Chicken. "Yes. It all started very, very long ago. I saved his life," said Professor Bob. "You know what? Zap Goat, you can venture with us to the Darkness Dragon and defeat him!" said Professor Bob. The Zap Goat smiled. "Yes, yes! I shall help you," he exclaimed, "and meet my friend, Crystal! He is a Minty Axolotl." The goat moved a glass tank filled with water. There was a cute axolotl that was swimming very fast around the tank.
Everyone followed as Professor Bob jumped into the hole. Everyone else jumped in as well. Suddenly, a roar came from the cavern. "I AM THE DARKNESS DRAGON! GO AWAY UNLESS YOU WANT TO BE MERCILESSLY SLAUGHTERED!" yelled the Dragon. Crystal jumped in its tank and squeaked bravely to the Dragon with a dark aura. "Squeak squeak squeak squeak. Sqqq... sqqq... squeak!" The Dragon suddenly stopped. Something rolling down its snout. A tear. "I AM SORRY, CRYSTAL... I MUST KILL YOU ALL! ITS...ITS...THE ORDERS," roared the Dragon. Everyone was frozen in their spots, terrified. A blazing, Dark flare came out. Suddenly, the Zap Goat jumped in front and sent a powerful blast of lightning at the Dark Flare. The powers collided and exploded. "You were once a peaceful Wyvern living up here with me and Crystal. Please. Please turn back to the good side so we can continue to be friends," said the Zap Goat firmly. Suddenly, a bear the size of a cottage appeared with a tiny hamster. "The Rough-Skinned Hamster to your aid!"
"The very new The Ignis Inferno Ursa at your aid as well!"
The Dragon flew away, onto another peak where it rested, thinking...thinking.
Then as if on cue, 13 hedgehogs the size of armadillos arrived and started attacking the Intergalactic Space Rangers, the exotic creatures and the Hyperspace Helpers. "It is the Devil Hedgehogs!" yelled Johnny.



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