Hyperspace Adventures Book 21 : Wings Of Darkness

The Emperor coughed in alarm as he heard a fluttering noise in his secret base in Pajoro 2115, a remote planet far, far away! Could it be the legendary Midnight Griffin? This legendary creature had never, ever been filed or documented by anyone except Traveller Leon & youngster Max. Suddenly, Guru Chelmer Hittlerr ran in to advise him. "We have good news and bad news, sir. Which one first?" the Guru chirped. "The bad news of course!" yelling the Emperor as if it was the most obvious thing in the whole world. No- the Universe! No- the Multiverse! No- the entire Hyperspace! "As you wish, sir. The bad news is that according to our scanner on the fifth floor, Private Pop-Chop from the Wagga Wagga Goblin Army stated that a big crew of people were coming. It was found on the twenty-third floor that Sergeant Looker discovered that a spaceship was coming. On the side, there was a few words : THE INTERGALACTIC SPACE RANGERS. The good news is that Marshal Cooner found a Midnight Griffin lurking in the Third Basement which is 2 metres left of us right now. The Midnight Griffin is capable of evil! It can kill up to 60000000078 planets per second using its Darkness Waves! We must capture it and use the Mind Controller device that Lieutenant Kell-D'lr invented." replied Guru Chelmer Hittlerr. The Emperor smiled. Boaty McPlatypus had been killed but now they had a bigger, better version of Boaty.
Ben sat down and inspected his radar. The Emperor was extremely close. Professor Bob sharply turned the steering wheel of the Cosmos Space Missile Rocket VII before it crashed onto a strange planet. Johnny looked up as Croissant spoke, "What is this weird place?" Chicken grimaced. Johnny replied to the question. "We are currently on the remote planet known as Pajoro 2115." Professor Bob looked grimly at both the radar and the Dark Detector as everyone got out of the ship. Professor Gearh stated, "The Dark Detector is detecting a large amount of Darkness and the radar states the fact that the Emperor is right underneath us." Everyone looked down and then, a huge crack opened in the ground! A huge griffin painted as black as night came out and devoured everyone except for Professor Bob, Professor Crafty, Chicken, Ben and Croissant. The Emperor cackled.



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