Spoons : The Series Of Stories OFFICIAL TRAILER

Eons and eons ago, there was an evil monster that possessed the 5 Gold Spoons of great potential and power. Combined, they had enough power to rip open the fabric of the Universe and destroy it. Separated, they had different powers:
The Earth Spoon : The Earth Spoon has the power to mould, move and make dirt or ground. Using the Earth Spoon, people could create earthquakes deep enough to find platinum.
The Wind Spoon : The Wind Spoon possessed a power to change the course of the wind, strengthen the wind and stop the wind. Using the Wind Spoon, people could create gales and tornadoes strong enough to blast trucks into space.
The Water Spoon : The Water Spoon can create water, shift water and purify water. Using the Water Spoon, people could create waterfalls and floods strong enough to sweep away 10000 tonnes of rocks far, far away.
The Fire Spoon : The Fire Spoon had the power to create fire, make fire tornadoes and strengthen fire. The Fire Spoon was once used to create a giant wildfire of blue, raging fire.
The Elemental Spoon : The Elemental Spoon is paramount among the other Spoons and it can do anything. It was once used by a person who escaped death by using the Elemental Spoon to create a portal and teleport around the fabric of space. It was also used to protect the world from the Monsters by creating a huge singularity (the center of a black hole) to suck them all in and teleport them away to another dimension.

So the evil Monster waged war with humans and it invaded the world of humans and attacked them with the powers of the Spoons. But a brave man killed the Monster with a single thrust of a sword and gained the Spoons. The hero knew the Spoons were too dangerous, it could destroy the Universe easily! So the hero hid the Spoons in 5 different location so no Darkness could ever touch it again.
But now, in the present, a new force of evil Monsters have invaded the human world and without the power of the Spoons at their sides, the humans are losing the battle. Now a new hero must venture to save the human world.

Series of Books :
Book 1 : Destiny In a Knot
Book 2 : The Ties That Bind
Book 3 : To Try or Not To Try
Book 4 : For Whom The Mole Rolls
Book 5 : How To Tame A Monster
Book 6 : Tracking The Tracker
Book 7 : Land Ho!
Book 8 : Can't Beat The Heat
Book 9 : Kicking The Troll
Book 10 : The Desert of Doom
Book 11 : Gone With The Wind
Book 12 : Pirating The Pirates
Book 13 : The Vortex
Book 14 : A Watery Encounter
Book 15 : The Castle of Beginning
Book 16 : An Elemental Judgement



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