This place is dark, this place is small,
This place feels like I’m nothing at all.
Though now something leaks through the roof,
It tastes like belief, hope, it smells like life.
Be careful in this place, dodge the bullets, blunt the knife.
Something feels different, I am stronger, I have grown.
I use my strengths, my talents, my life’s simplicity.
And now I feel I have set myself free!
For though I was once in a dark place,
I peep through the dark and I see – oh I see! light!
I thought I had been buried six feet; I did with all my might!
When really a seed had been planted and I thrived!
I have a soul of sunshine and meadows bright!
I blossom, I bloom, I now bear fruit,
And the enemies now taste the bittersweet juice of my youth.

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