~Superheroes And Fun~

Looking up in the setting sky, I can see a muscular man, with a red cape, zooming around everywhere. He is the most honoured person in the city, because he is a superhero. Everyone loves him to pieces. I closed my eyes and wished to be a superhero, but it didn’t happen. That night, I had dreamed of being a superhero. The next morning, I was flicking through the channels on the television screen when I came upon the channel that changed my life forever. Dashing towards my laptop, I entered the competition and typed in my information.

A couple weeks later, I was seeing if the contestant winner was myself. At last, they announced the winner.
“Felix Pantty”
“Felicity styles”
“Emmitte Wand and …”

I was literally over the moon with happiness. My mother asked me where I wanted to visit tomorrow and I told her that I wanted to go to the Superpark stadium and she replied yes. After the sun rose once again the next morning, I dressed in my favourite outfit. It was a chic feathery rainbow dress, complete with a pink transparent tutu over it and a black, glossy belt. Even though I was forbidden to do so, I bounced on my mother’s bed, in hope she would wake up. My hardworking father had already left for work so it was a girls only day. As we arrived, a man came over and asked me if I was Charlee Capulsky and I said yes. I told my mum that I would meet her at the SuperCafè I a couple of hours. I then rushed to the man and followed him into the superhero base. In this base there was already the two boys and a girl who I was pretty sure that her name was Felicity. Felicity was wearing a cute crop top and skirt, with a black and white cross headband on her shimmering blonde hair. The instructor told the group to get to know each other. Felicity and I became fast friends and I invited her to come over to my place for dinner. Without hesitation, she said that she would absolutely love to come over.

That night, she came over and we had my favourite meal. Butter chicken curry with rice and ice cream sundae for dessert. After we finished eating, we played for a while until it was time for Felicity to go home. We both pleaded our mothers for a sleepover until they gave in. That night was the best night I had in a while. Oh yeah, my father came home that night and said something about him going on a business trip when I was in bed. Please don’t tell them I was there listening!



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