A breath away from Eternity

In her begining
A baby was born
Her eyes shined like gold
A new dress was worn

This baby was mine
So small and so tiny
She was so delicate
Lovely and Shiny

As she grew up
She became distant from me
We never talked anymore
She felt like she wasnt free

I gave her some space
She tried alot of new things
They were bad for her health
Oh and the hurt it brings

One night she told me to leave
That she didnt need me anymore
That Im just holding her back
I did try to help her but she didnt see

I tried to tell her to stop
That it wasnt worth going to
But that night she went
For the last time i knew

Then he came along, at that party
he wasnt very nice
he gave her something special
dropped it in her ice

But now look at my baby
She was so small, so tiny
Sh is now so delicate
Lovely and shiny

In this wooden box
For all of eternity
Becayse she refused my love
I cry sao hurtfully

One choice changed everything
From life to now death
Life is too short to waste
So spend it like its your last breath


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