A Cat In Hell

It’s always painful
The way it pierces through my heart
The way it strikes my soul and breaks it into pieces

Pick the pieces up
Unjumble them
Can you fix this messed up puzzle together again?
I wish so, because I don’t want Silence to conquer me…

I lie inside my unconscious body
Filled with a deep, darkened atmosphere
I want to scream
But words just doesn’t seem to come out

It seemed so close to me
Swirling around, sucking everything in this abandoned body
Like a hurricane urging to destroy

I suddenly felt as if I jumped down a building
Tension took over me
But my body didn’t seem to care
As my expressionless eyes stayed blank

Catch me, as I fall
Say you’re here and It’ll be over
But its impossible for me to hear it anyways
Because my ears are blocked in this mad world

So am I going to die at the end?
I probably am
Since dropping from a 58 leveled building
Has a very low risk of existence.

Wish I was a cat
Something that lively at one time, and not at others
Something that would be taken care so carefully and not dumped in trash
But more importantly

Something that could live on this miserable planet 9 times
How I envy them
How I want to be them
How I’m willing to be one once I’m in hell…


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