Sorry this is only the starting.
“They say you can pick your friends but not your family. I guess in this case they where wrong, see I substituted my friends for my family. What else can you do when you murder your family? They also say life goes on but once everything is gone does it really? I guess in a way it does, but in a way it to is gone…” My hazel eyes looked up at the female officer before me. She had short blonde hair that ended at her shoulders, her eyes where a misty blue (close on matching her uniform.) She had a fancy handwriting, properly from a fancy school like Glenfield or…No wait; it is Saint Mary’s boarding school. You can tell by the way she curves her S’s. She had a descent body for an officer and if she uncrossed her legs I bet you could see right up her skirt. Her partner wasn’t worth my attention; he was a lower rank then her and all. “Miss Wolf can you please tell use how your family was murdered?” My eyes trailed back up from her legs. I smiled into her eyes and while I moved to stand her partner pulled out his gun, aiming it at my shoulder. “Officer if I wanted you dead you would never have walked through the door with you partner. So put that unloaded gun away.” I heard the clicking of the empty cartridge has he pulled the trigger, while I walked to his partner. She dropped her eyes to her note book has I knelt in front of her. “Do you think I’m capable of killing my own family officer?” I then noticed her fiddling with the pen she had has she answered my question. “No Miss Wolf I don’t think you capable of killing your family, but I do believe that guy up stairs capable of the murder of your family.” I smiled at how wrong she was and how I was going to change her mind on the matter. I put my hand across hers and the pen, stopping her fiddling.

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