Magic Wish

I stared at you across the room
A sudden hope began to loom
I smiled at you
And to my glee
You were smiling back at me
A week or two
Went on by
Until I got the courage to say hi
You were so shy
You seemed so kind
You practically over took my mind
A couple more weeks flew on by
And you became
The sauce to my pie
Inseparable we became
My secrete love for you felt ultra lame
But then I learnt you felt it too
I knew right then
It’d be me you
The perfect couple
Or so it seemed
Unfortunately looks can deceive
Your tender lips
My very first kiss
Moments like this should never be missed
One kiss
Two kisses
Maybe three
That’s all you’d ever give to me
Soon we began to drift and change
Our problems had a very vast range
The flames died down
The spark was gone
I just couldn’t figure out what went wrong
It broke my heart
To break yours more
But I had to show you the door
We tried to be friends
But it was never going to work
I’d caused you to much hurt
It started with a stare and ended with a tear
If you ever want to talk
I’ll always be here
My first kiss my magic wish
I’m so sorry it ended like this