Earth- Paradise Or Punishment?

What if the existence of the Planet Earth was based on a purpose totally different than any other theory explained?

What if we were all here for reasons beyond our understanding? What if we were here for punishment?

Doesn’t it seem strange that sometimes you may know one man who never sinned, never broke the law, probably never went over the speeding limit- and that man may die at 21? And then theres a man who has committed crimes beyond our belief and he may live to 90! Doesn’t that seem unfair? People may blame God, Jesus or any other religious lord for being unreasonable on death, but maybe it has nothing to do with them.

On the planet of Diltearer, there was a village. It was a very small and very poor village. In one of the houses there lived a family or 6- A mum, a dad and 4 young children. On a hot summer’s day, the father of this family wandered out onto the street.
The villagers of Diltearer had red hot skin with angry boils all over them. They slunk in the shadows, avoiding the sun.
On this particular day, the man had nothing to feed his children and they had gone without for a few days now. They were starving and he had decided it had come to the worst.

He headed towards a market stand where someone was selling food. He stood with his back to the bread cart and reached back to grab a few slices and then grabbed up some cheese. He stuffed it down his shirt and chucked a nervous glance over his shoulder.

The shop keeper had seen him, but before he had a chance to run he was pinned up against the wall.

A week later a court case was held for the peasant. He was served a weeks imprisonment on Earth. The judge had decided it was desperate act in love for his family and let him off easy.

On Earth at that present time, a woman and her husband were at the hospital. The girl was due to have her baby that day.
Several hours passed and the baby was born, though there was a few difficulties alone the way. As they sat, holding their first, new-born baby they felt like the two most blessed people in the world.

Sadly, just a week later their baby died without warning or reason.
On that same day the peasant had returned home to his family on Diltearer. He had served his weeks service and was free to leave Earth.

Nearly a year after that, the mother of the baby died of a heart attack. She was 32 and it so happened 32 years previous, she had committed a murder on the planet Pluto and had got sentenced 40 years. She had been good and her sentence was cut by 8 years. Her husband died at 102. He had committed much larger crimes on the planet Mars.

The story above represents a theory that all people on Earth are actually mutants from other planets, some that we haven’t even heard of, that have been sent here as punishment for crimes committed on their home planets. Could it be that that is why we are here?

Had we been sent here just as the English had sent the convicts to Australia on ships?

Do we simply arrive through birth and live here until or sentence had been fulfilled?

What happens if we die early, before we are intended?

What if we are murdered or commit suicide?

It either
a) our crimes been paid off and it’s just a different way of us leaving earth.

b) We’ve been good and we can leave early.

c) Or maybe that’s were reincarnation comes in. We dug our way out too soon so we got to come back again as someone else.

But perhaps the people who got the longest sentence and did the worst crimes are the nicest people while on Earth. There are so many people that live to 90 and deserve to as well as those that don't.

Then come many more questions like, why can't we remember our other lives and what crime did we commit to get here?

If we do bad things on Earth do we live longer? Do we have to stay for a longer time?

Well we have to be somewhere before we're inside out mothers stomach.
We can't appear out of thin air and develop and be born. There has to be more to our story!
Short Story by Abbie Sears, Lismore High School - Australia


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