Harry The Dragon Rider

Harry pulled on the reins of Xranch, his dragon. He stared at the beautiful but vain Nora, and her dragon Alaxander stroll past with her slaves in chains at the end.
Her slaves were goblins and they were the sneakiest, slimiest little things you ever saw.
Harry's first race was tommorow and he wasn't looking foward to racing Nora. She was a powerful queen, and could make harry screw up as easily as you or I could breath.
It wasn't Harry's fault he had to race her. Mostly they got to choose who they raced, but they voted for some reason. Harry thought it was Nora. He could of sworn he had sparks coming out of her wand then.
Harry knew Nora was planning something. And he knew what it was. She was a wonderful enchantress and could do almost anything. Harry bet that she was going to make him screw up and then get the dimond trophy. That trophy had magic in it and could do something even Nora couldn't do. Predict the future.
Harry woke up unhappily the next morning. Today was the big day. He scaled up Xranch, held onto the reins and of he went, Galloping all the way to the race track.
"Oh hi Harry. Ready for the race? Well good luck. Your going to need it." Cackled Nora as Harry lined up beside her.
Harry groaned. Why, oh why did he ever join the dragon racing team?
The loud speaker crackled above them.
There was an applause from the audience as the loud speaker finished its speech and then we were off!
Nora got her wand out secretly and cast a spell on my dragon. He immediatly swerved around and went in the opposite derection.
I snarled at Nora and shook my fist. then i dug my spurs into Xranch's side and turned back to the front. Nora had almost finished an intire lap.
I charged at full speed at her dragon and knocked it to the side.
It worked. I was in front of Alexander and the evil witch. I was safe.
Or so I thought. She got her wand out again and cast a freeze spell on my dragon. I was annoyed, but I couldn't waste any time. I quickly got my hands and started rubbing her frozen mouth. When that was un-frozen I got some raw meat and fed it to her. BURP! Out came a flame and melted the rest of the ice.
I smiled and charged at top speed again. This time I waited in till she brang out her wand. Then I grabbed it smoothly, winked at her and... SNAP! Broke it.
She screamed in anger and cast a wind spell with her hands to teleport me away.
The judge saw what she was doing and stopped the race just in time.
I sighed in relief as we went up to him. The judge snarled at Nora and disqualified her for using dangerous spells and cheating with magic in the game.
"Remind me to tell the mayor about this!" Screeched the judge at her. "And Harry. Here's the trophy." He smiled at me and said, "You've earned it.


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