Faith Is Deep Within The Soul

Will you always be with me?
Will you always love me?
I love you, you are my friend,
My brother, my shoulder to cry on.
You are the one that encourages me when I feel down,
The one that helps me to understand the things of this world.
You care about me always, but I have doubts.
I am sorry that I do, but people have let me down.
Will you do the same?
I hope not, you are the light of the world.
The light of my world, all that I hold dear.
Please don’t leave me to the cruelties of this world.
Save me from them, don’t let me slip from your grasp.
Hold me close to you when I am afraid.
Don’t let me fall when I stand for what is right.
But punish me when I do wrong,
Don’t let it go unnoticed,
For I may get carless and turn against you to go my own way.
Don’t ever leave me, not for a second,
I want you with me till the end,
And beyond the end I still want you with me.
I love you Lord, forever I will.

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