A Case Of The Loneliness Blues

When the darkness of the heart is slit
The life and soul gets sucked out of you
But in this girl is triple the pain
She’s got the loneliness blues.

It’s the blues that seems to consume her
And it never goes away
Some people tell her it’s depression
But she simply has to say.

“This heart wrenching feeling comes and goes
It’s not for me to say
That this thing I call the loneliness blues
Has eaten my life away.

Some days I sit down with me razor
And feel relief run through
Other days I am on top of the world
I’m wishing away the blues.”

The categories and stereotypes
Would say she fit in the emo group
But perky smiles and happy masks
Just makes her want to puke.

Faking happiness and hiding behind a mask
She’s sick of doing it all
To reveal her true inner self
Too big a risk in case they’re appalled.

She finds relief in all that they shun
Like cutting, smoking and drugs
She believes for her to be truly happy
It all starts with a gun.