Villain Vs Hero

I awake for a new day,
To welcome the villain that's been away.
I pass the day as if by Waltz,
Ignoring the quickening of my pulse.
'Good morning' says the gentleman,
'Good day' says the hen.
If only the day was good.
Passing, passive faces,
Nothing but mysterious cases.
Oh, how I dread the conscious mind,
If only I could be mentally blind.
Sweet words and insincere feelings,
Do know, I feel like I’m bleeding.
'Good evening' says the lady,
'Good night' says the baby.
Finally, all is as it should.
Then comes the best part,
It's the end of the start.
Then, like the Tango,
We watch it all go.
My head hits the pillow,
And here comes my hero.


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