Wail For Help

Trapped in a world of darkness,
Craving to see the light;
Struggling against the falling rocks,
Tugging with all my might;
Fading out, loosing blood,
Only sound here,
a continuous thud;
Beating heart makes a rhythm,
Lost in a deadly pitch black prison;
Heavy arms, pulling me back,
Boulders starting to compact;
Lost blood to both of my legs,
Arms beginning to feel like pegs;
Eyes are watering, fading to black,
If only I could give something back;
Why am I here? What have I done?
Would I stay, would I run?
I stayed and now I’m stuck here,
Jammed in a cave, paralysed with fear;
This is a nightmare, why won’t I wake?
I wail for help, my dying breath it takes.